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Guilt 101

In high school I learned that guilt was a wasted emotion. I think I read that in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

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Z Comes Home

It’s a clear blue Sunday afternoon in Moncure. The house is strewn with remnants of ragers gone by, and we are down to just Tami and me.

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Writing the Bulletin

I’m well known for hating paper products. Especially at the Plant, where they often end up as litter. Which I get to pick up.

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Grave Digging Time

Years ago, when Tami and I dabbled in real estate, I always thought a graveyard would be the perfect entrance to a development.

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Good Bye Z

Tami and I were in bed when floodlights lit the pond on which we live.

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Changing Climate, Changing Minds

In 2002, when I was teaching a class down at Central Carolina Community College, I was calling for an “energy regime change,” as we studied “global warming.” At the time America was hopelessly addicted to foreign oil—I was advocating for … Continue reading

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Pew Clean Energy Network

Last year I headed up to D.C. for a meeting of the Pew Clean Energy Network. They made a movie to promote their endeavors–and they put me in it. I’m something like the third talking head.

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Joining Forces

It finally happened. Piedmont has now joined forces with Green Circle Recycling’s Grease For Good.

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Moving Out

The good news from the Plant is that bio-herbicides are booming. The bad news for Piedmont is that we are abandoning our wash-dry facility to make way.

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Conscious Company Magazine

It seems a new media is emerging around social enterprise. The tagline for Conscious Company magazine is, “The future of business as usual.” We hear that Bryan Welch, the former CEO of Mother Earth News is founding a new magazine … Continue reading

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