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Move Dog

Tami has a habit of bringing home puppies. Years ago she arrived with a pair of littermates. Arlo named his Monkey. Zafer named his Tigger.

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Sweet Potato Arrives

Our eldest daughter Jessalyn has been pregnant since January after a trip to Paris with her husband Dan.

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Athens, Ohio Speaking Gig

Last April, when I was knocked out of my orbit by the death of my son, Zafer, I decided to give up on speaking gigs.

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Weird Dream

Tonight is Arlo’s last night in Pittsboro. He’s off to Canada. Then parts unknown. We are staring down “empty nest” in earnest.

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Burying Time Again

Our friend Chris Lucash died yesterday. His protracted battle with ALS is now over.

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The Spiritual Life of Kids

Recently Brooksie asked me about what sort of spiritual environment we had provided our children.

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Damaged Goods

After Zafer, the thing I miss the most is my brain.

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Functioning Again

I went to the Plant for the first time yesterday.

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Shakori Disguises

Tami, Arlo, and I are re-emerging into our worlds. We scare some people, and want to hide from others.

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Guilt 101

In high school I learned that guilt was a wasted emotion. I think I read that in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

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