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Smart Fleet Award

Winning awards is something Piedmont does a lot of. Here’s our latest, from the folks at the NC Clean Technology Center. We are grateful to Piedmont’s board chair, Brian Gullete for representing us on this one…

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Piedmont 3.0

Here we go. Piedmont needs to re-invent itself. Again.

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Goodbye, Dad

I’m in West Virginia tonight. We are driving to Canada to bury my father, who died this morning in his bed in Guelph, Ontario.

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Biodiesel Magazine

Ron Kotroba did a story on safety in which Piedmont is quoted.

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Solarize Chatham

The folks at NC Warn have put together a “bulk buy” solar program that is largely targeted at residential customers.

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Stages of Grief Vs. Riding the Rapids

I sometimes wonder if twelve years in biodiesel is more like running a river in a canoe, or going through the stages of grief.

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Thinking of Tes

I used to work with Tes at the Plant. She was working on her dissertation. I was writing books. We did lots of stuff together.

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Fashion, Fuel and Farm Aid

Amy DuFault is a New York writer who passed through NC during Farm Aid. Here are her fascinating perceptions.

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Recipe for a Campground

Piedmont is pleased to announce the opening of KOH Kampground, in preparation for the 2014 Collective Biodiesel Conference.

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Resilience Fresh Salsa

I’m about to ship some fresh salsa to my urban daughter, Jessalyn. She and her husband are just starting to garden, so I wrote this recipe for her… Step one: Grow canola. Direct seed in late fall, harvest in early … Continue reading

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