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2012 Life Cycle Analysis

I admit, we are late with this, but it’s good news. We made progress on our energy balance in 2012.

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Whirlwind Tour

Seven days ago Tami and I set out in Baby Blue, our Westphalia camper to travel to Miami for the Grassroots Festival.

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100 Mile Closet

I just spent a couple of days with Eric Henry from T.S. Designs and I have discovered a source for local socks.

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Westy Acquisition

Tami and I just flew to Vermont to buy a diesel Vanagon that has been converted into a Westfalia camper.

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Planet Money T-Shirt

Last week the folks at NPR’s Planet Money did a week long series on a t-shirt they created.

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Regulatory Cost Per Gallon

For awhile now I have been interested in how much money we spend on the regulatory aspects of producing a gallon of fuel.

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North Bruce Transition Community

I spent this evening with the Transition folks in Lion’s Head, Ontario, and I am completely inspired.

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Harvesting Hope

Today I gave a talk at the USBI North American Biochar Symposium in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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Solar Double Cropping Revisited

As we enter the last quarter of our second year of electricity production, I’ve been reflecting on our Solar Double Cropping project.

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New York Conversation

Last night we had a Small Stories, Big Changes discussion in Manhattan.

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