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Shakori Disguises

Tami, Arlo, and I are re-emerging into our worlds. We scare some people, and want to hide from others.

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Guilt 101

In high school I learned that guilt was a wasted emotion. I think I read that in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

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Z Comes Home

It’s a clear blue Sunday afternoon in Moncure. The house is strewn with remnants of ragers gone by, and we are down to just Tami and me.

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Writing the Bulletin

I’m well known for hating paper products. Especially at the Plant, where they often end up as litter. Which I get to pick up.

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Grave Digging Time

Years ago, when Tami and I dabbled in real estate, I always thought a graveyard would be the perfect entrance to a development.

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Good Bye Z

Tami and I were in bed when floodlights lit the pond on which we live.

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Changing Climate, Changing Minds

In 2002, when I was teaching a class down at Central Carolina Community College, I was calling for an “energy regime change,” as we studied “global warming.” At the time America was hopelessly addicted to foreign oil—I was advocating for … Continue reading

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Joining Forces

It finally happened. Piedmont has now joined forces with Green Circle Recycling’s Grease For Good.

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Moving Out

The good news from the Plant is that bio-herbicides are booming. The bad news for Piedmont is that we are abandoning our wash-dry facility to make way.

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Nature Interpretative Trail

For years I have been suggesting to the good people of Abundance that they build a trail around The Plant.

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