Gravity Fill

It’s funny. In our go-go world of enzymatic biodiesel production, million dollar grants, methanol distillation, and generally big ideas, we tend to forget about how to use gravity.

Last Friday the Pittsboro tank ran out of fuel. Our fuel truck was in the shop being painted, and our backup truck was down with jelled fuel. I was facing the horrible task of emailing the membership, and sticking a sign on the door

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saying “Sorry, out of fuel.”

When Jeremy heard this he looked at me with a blank expression and said, “Why don’t you just put a tote on the back of the Dodge, run it up to the gas station for some petroleum, take a pull from the terminal and fill up the tank with the forklift?”

It was genius. Jeremy is the last guy on this project that still believes in gravity.

So I did that.

Kind of. Actually, Spencer helped. He wanted to implement a Tesla motor inside the tote based on two plates he had designed powered by a new magnetic force he was working on. But I said, “Hold that thought. We are using gravity for now.”

And it worked. We dropped a couple hundred gallons of B70 into the Pittsboro tank and it got us through the weekend just fine.

Hopefully the truck will come home with a fresh paint job tomorrow and we will pack the trail with our precious fuel…

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One Response to Gravity Fill

  1. BioDavid says:

    New website looks awesome! Congrats on the accomplishment and best of luck revolutionizing the industry at NBB! I’m very excited to hear about the progress with these enzymes!

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