In Wood We Trust

The folks out at KQED in San Francisco are running a “Science of Sustainability” project, with affiliates across the country. They sent WUNC TV out to the plant to do a segment on Piedmont.

It was well done. Produced by Dave Huppert–a former Plant denizen who once worked at Eastern Carolina Organics. It’s a great clip.

Since then I signed on to write for them. Here is my first piece for them; about the wood pelletization industry in North Carolina: In Wood We Trust.


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  1. Tarus says:

    Nicely done. Not to be insulting, but it was pretty “fair and balanced” as these things go, and while you didn’t mention it directly, it reminded me of some of the conversations we had when you were shipping all that biodiesel to Yurrip back in the day.

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