Keeping the Faith

2014 got off to a rough start. Brutal, really.

I’m not sure what was worse. It could have been the polar vortexes. Our tried and true “B80 will get you through any Piedmont winter” turned out to be incorrect. Members fled for ever increasing doses of petroleum.

Maybe it was the loss of the one dollar production tax credit. Or it might have been the cratering of the RINs market.

Probably not. The worst part was saying goodbye to Katy, McCayne and Sam. We needed to re-invent ourselves for the new biodiesel landscape. Again. Piedmont is down to 3.25 people, with me as the .25.

-1But now May has arrived. The B100 Community Trail is flowing beautifully again. Gone are the biodiesel popsicles, and with them the pain and suffering they bring.

The other day Bob replaced the weirdo batteries in the meter at our Moncure location. That felt good. I noticed over 32,000 gallons have flowed to members from that little cob shed since that meter was installed. Remarkable. If ever there were a contest for a legal, community based fuel dispenser on earth, surely our Moncure location would be in the running.

Last week I dropped product in Raleigh, and filled Wilmington, and I noticed over 300,000 gallons have flowed to members from our newest short truck. That felt good too.

Piedmont is going to survive 2014, like we always do, and we are seriously looking forward to hosting the Collective Biodiesel Conference in August. Registrations are flowing in, speakers are being vetted, and it’s coming together nicely.

Oil collections are up. The iris are in bloom. The Plant is spinning like a top. The arugula is overflowing its bed in the garden. Once again it’s a good time for the biodiesel faithful…

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3 Responses to Keeping the Faith

  1. Lyle,
    What can I do to help Piedmont grow in 2014? Is there any way our companies can partner?

  2. Tami says:

    Love the optimism, passion and the fortitude.

  3. Frank says:

    Love you Man! Love your fuel too.

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