N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center

The Solar Center has changed its name. It’s now the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center. Brilliant move.

I serve on an advisory board to the Center. For years they have done much more than simply “solar.” Back before Piedmont had a “design-build” division, they bought a biodiesel processing system from us and installed it in their “Alternative Fuels Garage.”

Clearly biofuels are merely “solar” energy for motive power, but that is not the way people think of biodiesel or ethanol.

For years the folks at the “Solar Center” have been researching, consulting, and developing policy on everything “clean energy” related. They have pioneered programs on energy efficiency, performance contracting, geo-thermal, micro wind, co-generation—you name it.

With their Dsire database of renewable energy incentives, and their expertise in everything from smart grid to biomass, it’s been a long time since they were just your grand pappy’s “Solar Center.”

NCETC_logoToday they announced their new name, and their new logo, and they are working with their “brand engineers” on their re-branding. Probably they will just become the “Clean Tech Center,” since it is public perception that actually determines the brand.

It doesn’t matter how much Mick and Keith cultivate The Rolling Stones. Folks just know them as the “Stones.” That’s how branding happens.

I’m a big fan of the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center. It’s executive director, Steve Kalland, has been in the fight for renewable energy for years. So has Anne Tazewell, who runs their alternative fuels program. She has done more for biodiesel in North Carolina than any other single person.

Years ago when the pace of societal change frustrated me, Steve counseled, “It’s a war won by yards at a time. You get us over the creek. NCSEA gets us to the tree. We take a hill. NC Warn leads a charge that gets some ground. Over time our combined efforts change the landscape.”

My hat is off to Steve, and Anne, and the staff of the newly named Clean Tech Center.

Here’s hoping that the future is filled with so much clean energy that there will be no need for “centers” at all…

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4 Responses to N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center

  1. Thank you Lyle. Your recognition of all that we do means a lot!

  2. Thanks Lyle…. your appreciation of our work means a lot!!

  3. Josh says:

    “It doesn’t matter how much Mick and Keith cultivate The Rolling Stones. Folks just know them as the ‘Stones.’ ”

    And no matter if he insists that he’s “Keith Richards,” we all know he is really “Keef Riffhard.”

  4. Lyle, this news IS good. more please 😉

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