North Bruce Transition Community

I spent this evening with the Transition folks in Lion’s Head, Ontario, and I am completely inspired.

My brother Glen and I headed down to the local K-12 school to talk to a crowd of people who were interested in how their town of 500 (2500 during cottage season) can face peak oil, and climate change, and transition into a sustainable community.

-3Ostensibly it was a conversation about Small Stories, Big Changes, but the conversation rapidly localized (including a major league rant from Glen on the evils of nuclear power).

When the book came out, I was so looking forward to touring with Glen–he has a chapter in the book entitled Sky Generation–about his endeavors as a pioneer in the wind business in Ontario–but he has been fighting cancer since the book’s release, and this is the first event he has been able to attend.

The good news is that he is going to survive. And tonight he felt well enough to go on stage. He was masterful, and it was fun. We sold a bunch of books, and engaged in an amazing conversation with a fascinating group of concerned folks who are working on re-imagining the community in which they live.

No doubt Transition organizers have a Sisyphean task. But tonight, in Lion’s Head, anyway, a wonderful conversation ensued and the rock which is societal change was chocked at a place that was further up the hill…

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2 Responses to North Bruce Transition Community

  1. Camille says:

    I sure hope that boulder doesn’t roll back down the hill…

    My best to you both from the sunny dark continent. I’m so happy to see Glen back on the sustainability campaign trail.

    Down with nuclear, up with boulders!

  2. kDavid says:

    +1 to both of you guys for fighting the good fight.

    Live the talk, and walk the talk. And talk the talk!
    If we all push on the rock, we can keep it going uphill.

    – kDavid

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