Regulatory Cost Per Gallon

For awhile now I have been interested in how much money we spend on the regulatory aspects of producing a gallon of fuel.

Surely our small size is against us on this one–but we decided to go through the exercise anyway–based on 175,000 gallons of annual output.-1

Some of our regulatory burden is self-imposed. BQ9000, a quality accreditation from the National Biodiesel Board, for instance, is an expensive program that Piedmont has “opted” into.

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Far and away the largest contributor to our regulatory burden comes from state and federal road and excise taxes.involuntary regulatory cost

Thanks to Heather Dew, spreadsheet queen and volunteer for her help collecting this data and making these beautiful charts. Hope they are helpful…

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  1. Link says:

    Thanks for the charts Lyle.
    This gives a good idea of what a community scale biodiesel facility can expect to pay to be in compliance.
    Valuable information.

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