Solar Double Cropping Revisited

As we enter the last quarter of our second year of electricity production, I’ve been reflecting on our Solar Double Cropping project.

Today Tree Hugger came out with an article about Solar Double Cropping in Japan. It’s not entirely clear to me who went first on this one—but then again, I’m not sure it matters. Let’s score it as “universal consciousness.”

We’ve been pushing the output to the web, and we lost some reporting data this year due to an Internet snafu, but in general the array is performing beautifully, making a half a megawatt every sun shiny day—the electrons of which are devoured by the businesses at the Plant.

This project has attracted interest from all over the world. I just wrote a letter on behalf of a former Pickard’s Mountain intern to help him convince a county government of its merits. He’s working on putting up a huge installation

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As pioneers we occasionally find arrows in our backs. But not with solar double cropping. This is an idea that is slowly moving over to the “genius column” of the spreadsheet we keep which itemizes our ideas…


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One Response to Solar Double Cropping Revisited

  1. Tarus says:

    Speaking of the spreadsheet, can you share any figures on the ROI?

    For the double cropping aspect, perhaps you could grow a small plot of the same crops out from under the panels and compare yields?

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