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I just returned from a session with James Coley on “Free Association Radio” in Carrboro. WCOM radio James stopped by the Sustainability Pavilion at Shakori Hills and was stunned to learn that Piedmont was making a profit. I had been on his “Ethics” show back when WCOM was across the street from Weaver Street Market, years ago, when Small is Possible was new. That would have been 2008–when Piedmont was still bumbling around in a pool of dark red ink. At the time I explained our vision for community scale biodiesel, and micro nodal energy production,

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and I think he might have dismissed me as a well meaning kook. At Shakori I explained that we made our first solid profit in 2011, did very well in 2012, and are on track for a profitable 2013. He was delighted, and had me back on the radio tonight. Unfortunately I didn’t get a copy of the show. He no longer podcasts his work, which means they are just radio waves traveling out into space. Drat. Oh well. The message hasn’t really changed all that much. At Piedmont we are still chugging along–now much lighter weight with a seven person crew–with the same passion, the same vision, and I suppose the only difference is that we have now achieved economic sustainability…

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2 Responses to WCOM 103.5

  1. Jen Busfield says:

    It’s definitely a shame that he isn’t recording the interviews to share online – that would be great content! Really excited that Piedmont Biofuels is moving forward!

  2. Jack Martin says:

    Want you on the home power hour.

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