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Saturday I made a fuel delivery run to Pickards Mountain. They had a bunch of people gathered in their Gazebo, so I popped in.

It was remarkable. 40 people had gathered at the side of their pond to learn about how to organize financing for photovoltaic installations. I wandered down the path and found Megan sitting on a fence rail, with a microphone, talking to the crowd about their mission.

I was mesmerized. “Authentic” came to mind.

The workshop was lead by Giles Blunden, the legendary co-housing architect from Carrboro, and Larry Shirley, the founder of the NC Solar Center and a passionate voice for renewable energy in our state for many decades, and Megan’s husband Tim—another icon of renewable energy.

-2These people had gathered at Pickards Mountain, for free, and as volunteers, to learn about the tax credits, and economics of solar electricity production in North Carolina. Some of their energy will end up in a new 40KwH system on the roof of their new commercial kitchen. And some will end up with arrays popping up all over the place.

It was fantastic. I showed up as the fuel delivery man, in uniform, and my input was welcomed by the group.

After delivering fuel I returned to the Plant to find the CFSA farm tour in full swing, along with an Abundance Workshop on mushrooms. One of the farm tour volunteers at the gate thought I should buy a farm tour button to pass through, but I think my uniform, and my clipboard of meter tickets let me return home without paying to get into my workplace.

Tonight Zafer and I attended a “Boot Camp” about the NC Legislature put on by the North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research. It was held at the Redwoods Group, a famous B Corporation in RTP that supports a current bill to make B Corps have legal teeth in North Carolina.

Maria Kingery from Southern Energy Management was there. Along with Eric Henry from T. S. Designs.

I have to say I was amazed by how informed, articulate, and delightful Zafer was. In public he can check his teenage angst and ennui and turn on the charm. He’s tall, and handsome, with a firm handshake, and tonight he even put me under his spell. I think he gets that from Tami….

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